About Me

In 2005, I packed my belongings into a station wagon and drove across the country alone to start a new chapter in my life. Making such a radical change would have been impossible without encouragement and support from my family, friends and colleagues. This is one of the reasons I call myself a Professional Encourager and not just an author, educator or coach.

I do have a great educational background that I worked very hard to earn and of which I’m proud. Yet, I know it isn’t my degrees in Humanities and Management that always interest clients, but my willingness to listen and my eagerness to inspire.

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to teach in a variety of settings, including traditional classrooms, professional workshop settings and online platforms. I’ve spoken to diverse groups of all sizes. Most important of all, I’ve received letters, emails, phone calls, and excited in person announcements that my students and clients have secured jobs, promotions, and achieved their goals after working with me. There is no greater honor.

Interactive workshops on topics such as:

  • ♢ Business communications basics.

  • ♢ Networking (with special emphasis on introverts and immigrants).

  • ♢ Planning your “next act” in life.

  • ♢ Entrepreneurship and business plans.


Budding business professionals to academics, I’ve spoken to groups large and small. If you need someone to kick-off a conference session or liven up a luncheon, let me know. Popular talks include:

One-on-one coaching

(By phone, email, Skype or in person for local clients).

Need to brainstorm or think out loud? Want someone to act as an accountability partner? Require a bit of encouragement to push through? Coaching might be the answer. No long-term contract required. Free 20 minute get-to-know-you session.



The best part of my work is connecting with others. Please email me if you have any questions, comments about the website or if you want Encouragement Coaching. Organizers who want workshops or who need an encouraging, informative speaker should start with this form too. Thank you for visiting my website.